For nearly a half century Keeton Industries has established itself as a  leader and innovator in beneficial microbe production and aquaculture management. Our extensive knowledge and technical expertise in aquaculture operations helps give our customers an innovative edge by providing them with the latest, most cost-effective technology available. Trusted brand names like PondToss™, ShrimpShield™, Hatchery Prime and  FeedTreat™ have become the gold standard for aquaculture farms and hatcheries throughout the world.


Natural Probiotics for Aquaculture


ShrimpShield creates improved water quality beneficial to health and growth in shrimp farms. 

PondToss combines the best probiotic and water conditioning bacteria in one formula.

Probiotics for 
Cage Culture

FeedTreat was developed to bring the benefits of closed systems to cage culture. Increases growth.

Diatom Promoter

D3 diatom promoter at the beginning of growout creates a highly nutritious environment.


Reduce Vibrio and eliminate ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

KI Nitrifier
Biofiltration Activator

KI Nitrifier can quickly restart difficult biological filters by providing an immediate source of nitrifying microorganisms.



“We completed the Largemouth Bass trial and PondToss was the clear winner. Pond Toss treated ponds fed better through the heat, yielded over 4000 pounds per acre versus 1500 pounds historically and 2800 pounds from other probiotic treated ponds. We also used PondToss to stop frothing in some bad ponds. The Catfish ponds fed exceptionally well this year and look better than ever thanks to PondToss. The fish kept eating and all seemed bigger than those in control ponds.  We harvested PondToss ponds earlier than other ponds and shaved about 25% off the time to harvest and saved a heap on food. No H2S problems or odors either.  PondToss is awesome!”